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Greater value for media and more effective communication

Today sei-katsu-sha actively engage with media and content in ways unimaginable in times before digitalization. The point of connection between sei-katsu-sha, media companies, content holders and our clients, Hakuhodo, jointly with Hakuhodo DY Media Partners, brings media and content together in new ways that increase the value of both for the benefit of all.

A fully integrated media company formed from the consolidation of Hakuhodo, Daiko and Yomiko's media arms, Hakuhodo DY Media Partners is a market mover in Japan with unique strengths in planning, producing, buying, knowledge, and traffic. Together, we provide strategically optimized media plans and content for clients and media companies alike. We propose creative ideas that increase media and content value and maximize the power of communication. And we create business opportunities by bringing innovation to communication markets.

Sharing the excitement of sports with sei-katsu-sha

Hakuhodo DY Media Partners participates in the production of a wide range of sports content. In baseball, Japan's most popular sport, we handle the all-star game, games pitting Central and Pacific League teams against one another, activities involving the national team, and other events. We are involved in major marathons, ekiden road races, golf tournaments, figure skating, and the World Judo Championships. Leveraging fan communities and the power of sports to stir human emotion, we contribute to the marketing activities of clients and content holders alike.

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Multifaceted production of entertainment

Hakuhodo DY Media Partners assists collaborations between content holders and clients in film, anime and theatrical performance; in exhibitions and events; and in the Kanryu boom of Korean entertainment. Our involvement extends from rights acquisition and production to secondary use in the case of movies and anime, and from planning to implementation for events. In every area of popular culture, our entertainment business touches the hearts of sei-katsu-sha. Prominent recent examples of our work include the movies Strobe Edge and Attack on Titan, and the anime series Durarara!! X2 and Girls und Panzer. We operate the Japan official fan clubs of Korean actor Lee Byung Hun and the K-pop boy band Beast, and produce the girl band Yumemiru Adolescence.

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Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Institute of Media Environment

The Institute of Media Environment examines how the ongoing digital technology revolution and modern social changes are transforming media. The Institute’s activities pivot on both the development of new media and the development of new content as it seeks to discover future opportunities for media business and devise new ways of using media. By uncovering “portents of the future” from technological, audience, content, social and global perspectives, the Institute creates new value.

Institute of Media Environment Forum

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