Hakuhodo Institute of Life and Living

For more than 30 years this world-renowned think tank has studied sei-katsu-sha

In researching people’s perceptions and behavior, the Hakuhodo Institute of Life and Living (HILL) begins from the perspective of people as living individuals rather than simple consumers. This approach of studying the whole person to identify future lifestyles enables HILL to advance and implement sei-katsu-sha insight for the benefit of Hakuhodo's clients and society.

In its ability to keep abreast of current consumer behavior and anticipate future trends, HILL is without peer. The Institute traces changes in values in time-series surveys, uncovers portents of the future using experimental methods, and meets sei-katsu-sha where they live to discuss issues of relevance to them. Its activities include unique and multidirectional perspectives that see beyond the boundaries of specific markets, industries and categories.

Proposals for the future

Several times a year, HILL organizes events to present results and ideas from its research to Hakuhodo clients and business partners.
Companion books, digest reports and DVDs are published to coincide with these events and future outlooks are published at the end of each year.

Knowledge dispatches

HILL publishes fresh insights, including future outlooks and a monthly index of consumer sentiment, on the Seikatsusoken Online website and in social media. The long-running Seikatsu Teiten time-series survey has its own special website, where visitors can run trial data analysis using sei-katsu-sha insight and download data, in Japanese and English, reaching back 22 years and covering 1,500 survey items.

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