Basic CSR Vision

Message from the CSR Committee Chairman

The goals of Hakuhodo's CSR

In 2007, Hakuhodo established a CSR Committee to promote corporate social responsibility (CSR) within the company.

Behind the creation of our CSR Committee are watershed changes, such as global warming, taking place in the world. These changes are eliciting changes in consumer behavior, changes which Hakuhodo defines as the shift to a Sei-katsu-sha Driven Society. It thus becomes necessary to ask: What is the role of Hakuhodo today? What values do we offer? What contributions can we make? These are difficult questions. Each answer must be made with integrity.

At Hakuhodo, we have always tried to maintain a broad perspective on our role in society. Sei-katsu-sha insight, for instance, is a pillar of our business. But we do not simply collect data on sei-katsu-sha behavior to expand our business; we also use what we learn to enhance lifestyles and contribute to happiness in society.

I believe that there should be very little difference between the work of Hakuhodo and the intention of CSR. That is to say, both aim to create joy for sei-katsu-sha and society. A lofty goal for Hakuhodo? It is easily achievable if we engage the hearts and enterprising minds of all our employees.

CSR efforts are critical for any company that asks for the trust of society. For this reason, we implore each of our employees to study our corporate ethos and to conduct themselves in line with it. We start with the most fundamental question: Do our words and actions live up to the trust society places in us?

Trust is our greatest asset and the bedrock for all we do. Only with this trust can Hakuhodo, with our free and creative corporate culture, contribute to our clients and business partners, sei-katsu-sha and society. For my part, I pledge to motivate all our employees to pursue greater individual awareness and self-control in regards to our social responsibilities.

I hope you will take some time to read about Hakuhodo's approach to CSR in this area of this website.

Hirokazu Toda


CSR Committee

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