Basic Approach

To ensure that Hakuhodo continues to have the trust of society, we have established a company-wide compliance system and we work to ensure that each of our employees maintains the highest ethical and moral standards.

Code of Conduct

We conduct our business in accordance with the Hakuhodo DY Group Code of Conduct and Matters for Compliance.

Regular Conduct Checks

The Compliance Committee requires that all Hakuhodo employees affirm their understanding of the fundamental tenets of compliance every year. On April 1, our Code of Conduct Confirmation Day, the entire Hakuhodo group reviews the compliance system and undertakes a thorough evaluation of conduct.

Compliance Training

Compliance training is required of all new managers and employees. Participants relearn what compliance means in corporate, advertising agency and Hakuhodo terms. Incorporating case studies and discussions, the training has proven so effective that we are planning to introduce it to all employees.

Measures to raise employee awareness

To prevent misconduct and maintain high moral standards, we distribute a variety of guidebooks and deliver regular reminders in the form of desktop commercials to the computers of every person working at Hakuhodo.

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