Environmental Activities

Hakuhodo's Environmental Policy

Hakuhodo operates an environmental management system based on the following policies.

Basic Philosophy

Through our twin philosophies of Sei-katsu-sha Insight and Partnership, Hakuhodo works to solve problems faced by our clients and society and achieve our overarching goal of contributing to happiness in society.

With environmental awareness growing day by day, achieving and advancing a sustainable society has become indispensible to the happiness of sei-katsu-sha and society.

Hakuhodo's business activities conform to all relevant environment-related laws, regulations and industry standards, and we take a proactive stance to reducing the environmental burden of our activities. At the same time, we encourage each of our employees to put their creativity and special talents and skills to work toward realizing and advancing a sustainable society through the communications work that they do together with our clients.

Action principles

  1. Reduction of the environmental load of our place of business
    Deeply aware of the environmental impact of the resources and energy we use and the waste we create in carrying out our business, we are taking specific actions to reduce our environmental load and prevent pollution, thereby contributing to a low-carbon, recycling-oriented and symbiotic society.
  2. Advancement of ideas and proposals
    We put forward ideas and proposals for solving environmental problems and preserving earth resources through our communications work with clients and collaborations with stakeholders.
  3. Support for environmental activities that utilize our employees' creativity
    We offer support for all kinds of proposals and activities undertaken by our employees toward the realization and advancement of a sustainable society.

All parties involved understand this environmental policy and take continuous action toward realizing it.

June 27, 2013
Tomoyuki Imaizumi, Chair, Environment Committee, Hakuhodo

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