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Sei-katsu-sha Insight

Hakuhodo Institute of Life and Living

Unique perspectives on today's structures that reveal the driving forces behind tomorrow's lifestyles

The Hakuhodo Institute of Life and Living was established in 1981 to give tangible form to the philosophy of sei-katsu-sha insight. In researching people's perceptions and behavior, our world-famous think tank begins from the perspective of seeing people as living individuals rather than simply as consumers. Our perspectives on sei-katsu-sha are multivariate and unique. We trace changes in values in time-series surveys, uncover portents of the future using experimental methods, and meet sei-katsu-sha where they live to discuss issues that are relevant to them. Since there is no comparable entity at any other advertising agency, the Hakuhodo Institute of Life and Living draws the attention of journalists, scholars, and businesses from around the world.

The evolution of information networks in recent years has made it easier to detect superficial sei-katsu-sha phenomena. Conversely, it is now more difficult to see the psychological mechanisms and desire vectors that have stimulated these sei-katsu-sha phenomena. For this reason, we need more than ever to come to grips with the fundamentals and true nature of sei-katsu-sha. We call our approach InsightOut® — a word that conjoins Insight, or that which reveals hidden structures, with Out, or that which exposes the driving forces behind tomorrow's lifestyles concealed within these structures. In an age when it is no longer possible to discern the future from surface observations, we name the structures and driving forces behind tomorrow's lifestyles under the banner of InsightOut®.

Lifestyle Wave: 10 years of change

Seikatsu Teiten: This time-series survey conducted biannually since 1986 can rightly be called the cornerstone of Hakuhodo Institute of Life and Living. By asking the same questions of sei-katsu-sha over a long period of time, the Seikatsu Teiten survey traces the trajectory of their values and desires. From these “waves of the mind,” we detect the fetal movements of emerging lifestyles and glean insight into the future.

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